About EcoBright


EcoBright is dedicated to providing quality environmental education for K-12 students in schools near the University Park area. By connecting USC students with youth in these schools, EcoBright educates young students about the state of environmental affairs, engages them using hands-on activities, and empowers them to become stewards of their local and global environment.

EcoBright operates on the belief that providing an early foundation in environmental sustainability is crucial to cultivating an environmentally literate and conscious society. With the efforts and enthusiasm of USC student volunteers, the club is engaging the next generation of citizens, voters, policy-makers, and activists.


EcoBright Impact.png

To collect this data, 126 third and fifth grade students from Vermont Elementary School and Lenicia B. Weemes Elementary School were surveyed before and after participating in the EcoBright initiative.  Beyond these quantitative stats, student volunteers were also able to document at least 24 students who started using reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones after learning about pollution in oceans. At least 12 third and fifth grade students said they were more interested in science as a result of participating in the program. And at least 2 students started carpooling to get to school after learning about air pollution and climate change. These accounts are only the cases that K-12 students shared directly with our student volunteers. We hope that even more students are making small changes in their daily lives to have major impacts on planetary health!