How It Works

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Each semester, in partnership with the USC Joint Educational Project (JEP), EcoBright will place interested students into teams of 3-5 people and assign them to a K-12 school near the USC campus. 

Teams will go to their schools once a week for six weeks to teach a one-hour lesson on topics related to environmental issues and sustainability. At weekly EcoBright meetings, all the teams will have the opportunity to interact, plan lessons, share ideas, test activities, get advice from Executive Board members, and discuss their experiences.

EcoBright will provide each team with a certain amount of funds to purchase materials necessary for hands-on components of lesson instruction. The club also has a stock of  materials available for members to borrow. 

Past lessons have been focused on topics like air pollution, water conservation, climate change, and environmental policy. However, lessons can vary greatly depending on the age group being taught.