How To Get Involved

Please check out our "How It Works" page for important information about how the club operates. If you're interested in teaching and getting involved, we encourage you to go to the USC Joint Educational Project (on the corner of Trousdale Parkway and 34th street across from Taper Hall) to sign up for EcoBright. You must sign up during the first two weeks of the semester in order to guarantee an opportunity to teach. The deadline to sign up for Spring Semester 2018 is January 19th!

Missed the sign-up date?

Don't worry! You are more than welcome to come to EcoBright meetings to see what the club is about and attend other club-hosted events. Check out the News and Events page for information about meetings and upcoming events. 

Why Get Involved?

  • Develop Communication Skills
    • Being able to effectively communicate sustainability principles to a variety of different groups is incredibly important as environmental issues become increasingly politicized. Working in groups to develop a targeted message to your K-12 students will help develop these communication skills and improve your efficacy as an environmental advocate
  • Get Those Creative Juices Flowing
    • EcoBright strives to make its lessons as exciting as possible, primarily by using hands-on activities. Coming up with or researching creative exercises to do with your students is a fun way to get away from the stress of your classes. It certainly beats writing term papers!
  • Get to Know the Community
    • Volunteering with EcoBright is an excellent way to connect with the community and its people 
  • Meet New People at USC
    • Not only will you get the opportunity to meet people on your team, but weekly EcoBright meetings with all members provide the opportunity to connect with other USC students who share similar interests
  • Leadership Positions
    • After volunteering for at least one semester, you are able to apply to open positions on our Executive Board to contribute to the club's initiatives and build your résumé